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From Two Wheels to Four

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From Two Wheels to Four by Joseph S Groh is now available!

This book chronicles one family's story about learning to prevail in times of extreme difficulty, vowing to never look back, never give up and remain positive. Based upon real-life events, this book talks about how overcoming obstacles is a function of your life experiences, your support network and your faith. The story follows the authors life from childhood through the point of a major life altering accident. It concludes with how this leads the family to look outward in order to inspire hope among those living with permanent and life altering disabilities.

Only $19.95, 100% of the proceeds benefit The Joseph Groh Foundation.

  • Stephen MR Covey; New York Times & WSJ best-selling author
  • David Weekley; Chairman, David Weekley Homes
  • Scott Boxer; CEO, Service Experts
  • Mike Murphy; Publisher, ACH&R News
  • Bob Tibbets; Radio and TV Spokesperson At Lennox Industries
  • Scott Murray; Chairman/CEO at Murray Media
  • Matt Michel; CEO, The Service Roundtable
  • Darion Culbertson; Mayor of Fairview, Texas
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From Two Wheels to Four by Joseph S Groh is now available!